DISCERN Use Case & SGAM Tools

The DISCERN Use Case & SGAM tools are freely available applications that enable users to represent smart grid solutions in a structured and intuitive manner, facilitating collaboration between partners – such as, domain experts and specialists in IT, automation, standards, or regulation – when designing smart grid systems.

Although each of the tools can be used separately for specific purposes – for instance, the DISCERN SGAM Visio Template can be use alone so as to improve communications between DSO and vendors in a procurement process – one key feature of the DISCERN Use Case & SGAM tools is their ability to exchange data with each other (and also with external applications) via standard-based XML interfaces. For example, at the early stages of DISCERN, DSOs’ domain experts leveraged the easy-to-use templates – DISCERN Use Case Template & DISCERN SGAM Visio Template – to represent the requirements and architectures of their smart grid solutions. The terms used by the DSOs in these representations were taken from the DISCERN libraries of terms. After discussing the solutions with vendors, the Use Cases, SGAM models, and libraries of terms were automatically imported in the DISCERN Use Case Management Repository, which enabled to identify and resolve inconsistencies between the DSO representations as well as to consolidate and store the final DISCERN solutions in a common web platform.


DISCERN Use Case & SGAM tools – data-exchange flow in DISCERN


DISCERN Use Case Management Repository

Web application to store and manage Use Cases, SGAM models, and libraries. Its main features are: multi-editing of Use Cases and libraries; drag & drop of actors, functions, requirements into the Use Cases; presentation of SGAM models in an 3-D visualisation tool; importing descriptions in XML files; and exporting Use Cases in MS Word and SGAM
models as well as libraries in XML.

•    DISCERN Use Case Management Repository
•    DISCERN Use Case Management Repository User Guide - pdf

DISERN SGAM Visio Template

Template developed in Microsoft Visio (compatible with Visio 2010 and later) to create SGAM models. It enables users to resize SGAM cells, synchronise SGAM layers, show/hide the background view of the Component Layer, set out an optimal layout, and export the SGAM models in an XML format based on an extension of IEC 62559-3 data model.

•    DISERN SGAM Visio Template.zip
•    DISERN SGAM Visio Template User Guide - pdf

DISCERN Use Case Template

Template developed in Microsoft Word to create Use Cases. It guides users through the creation of consistent Use Cases and includes an XML export based on IEC 62559-3 data model.

•    DISCERN Use Case Template
•    DISCER Use Case Template User Guide - pdf

DISCERN Libraries

Excel files containing libraries of terms – actors, technical functions, and requirement categories – to be used in the Use Cases and SGAM models. The libraries are based on international standards and technical reports, such as: IEC 61970, IEC 61850, ENTSO-E Role Model, CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Grid Coordination Group First Set of Standards, and can be exported in XML files based on IEC 62559-3.

-    DISCERN Libraries.zip
-    DISCERN Libraries User Guide - pdf